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Tax Mitigation & International Investors

Like Kind Exchange (1031)

Acqumen is experienced with buyers that have significant built-in capital gains in their current assets and would like to sell their property with little or no tax consequence. Through section 1031 of the Code, many sellers can trade their (often labor-intensive residential) properties in exchange for new (often single-tenant net leased properties with a long-term lease) properties deferring any capital gains tax on the sale. And as part of an estate plan, a seller can eventually permanently eliminate the capital gain consequence for the next generation via stepped up basis.

International Tax Structuring

Acqumen is familiar with state-of-the-art structures that minimize the total tax liabilities related to foreign investors in the US. Based on the circumstances involved, Acqumen knows which tax attorneys and accountants would be able to create the needed structure at the lowest possible cost. Acqumen’s long-term relationship with many of the attorneys and accountants experienced in these structures allows it to pass along it’s negotiated preferential rates for these services.

Shari’ah Compliance

Acqumen can layer in moral & religious criteria to investment decision making, structuring and management including various schools of Shari’ah. Acqumen is very familiar with legal structures to insulate an investor from haram including Istina, Ijara and Murabaha structures.

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Asset Selection

Acqumen can assist a client in selecting, analyzing and structuring acquisitions.

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Acqumen's principal is a licensed Massachusetts real estate broker.

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Tax & International

Acqumen can assist with international tax structures, 1031 exchanges and Shari'ah compliance.

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